Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam

David Fiuczynski opened the Pandora’s Box on non-Western tuning on his 2012 RareNoiseRecords debut, Planet MicroJam. He pushes the envelope even further on his latest microtonal project, Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!, with special guest Rudresh Mahanthappa.

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Planet MicroJam

Combining his ongoing interests in microtonality, jazz harmony, ethnic folk melodies and groove, guitar visionary and Berklee College of Music educator David “Fuze” Fiuczynski has arrived at the global crossroads on Planet MicroJam. Featuring Jack DeJohnette and Kenwood Dennard as guests on drums.

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Kif Express

Chinese, Indian and Arabic-influenced melodies, high energy jams of his signature rocked-out madness, explorations into new urban rhythms, and plaintive meditations over lush, brooding and microtonal harmonies. Featuring Steve Jenkins on bass and Skoota Warner on drums with special guests.

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Black Cherry Acid Lab

Fiuczynski and saxophonist Mark Shim execute roughly hewn unison lines to complement the singer’s uptempo vocalism and raps. Other than the leader and bassist Patrice Blanchard, all the musicians featured here perform on selected tracks. Fiuczynski’s mock-Gregorian chant signifies a playfully sacrilegious episode on the piece titled “Bollocks” — where the band intertwines speed metal with tacky, funk grooves. Simply put, there’s a lot of calamity and boisterous soloing here.

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JazzPunk, David Fiuczynski’s first solo release, almost entirely consists of material drawn from a short list of the guitar shredder’s idols and/or past and present employers. It’s a hyper-eclectic mix: Pat Metheny, Jimi Hendrix, Chopin, Ronald Shannon Jackson, George Russell, Chick Corea, Strayhorn and Ellington, Sousa, and Jack Walrath.

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Lunar Crush

Created in reference to such spiritually committed early fusion as the Tony Williams Lifetime, the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Jack Johnson-era Miles Davis, Fiuczynski and Medeski bring a genre heretofore deservedly maligned into the ’90s with weighty resolve and wild abandon. Assisted by bassist Fima Ephron, drummers Gene Lake and Jojo Mayer, and vocalists Michelle Johnson and Gloria Tropp.

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