David Fiuczynski! Guitar shredder, maestro, researcher, composer and winner of a Guggenheim Fellowship. His latest excursion into the microtonal universe is Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam! Jointly dedicated to 20th century classical composer Olivier Messiaen and innovative hip-hop record producer J Dilla, this ambitious venture has the guitarist-composer pursuing his passion for the notes that fall between the cracks with his intrepid microtonal crew. Over the last ten years David has embarked on a voyage of creation and discovery whose final (yet always transient) goal is to expand guitar language, technique and technologies by incorporating foreign music traditions, harmonies and styles to create a unique idiom that transcends them all.



Feature Article by Daniel Lehner/ALLABOUTJAZZ

Fiuczynski has been equally as busy with his side project. He is presently in the studio with his longtime associates Screaming Headless Torsos, in anticipation of a new record that will be out sometime this year. His most recent sideperson work has been with Rudresh Mahanthappa on his new record Gamak (ACT, 2013), featuring Dan Weiss on drums and Francois Moutin on bass, and making recent appearances at clubs like Le Poisson Rouge for the 2012 Winter Jazz Festival. Mahanthappa has described the project, derived from the word “gamaka” (the ornamentation used in Indian classical music), as an expression of the melodic ornamentation as it relates to the beauty of melody as it occurs worldwide, which fits in neatly with Fiuczynski’s conception. However, even though Mahanthappa and Fiuczynski are part of only a handful of musicians who can or even want to combine Eastern disciplines in Western contexts, there are still unique differences between them…MORE


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